Sunday, December 20, 2015

the rest is still unwritten

I finally did it. I'm moving back to Chicago in less than a month. It's hard to put into words how I'm feeling, but it's very complex. On the one hand, I can't wait to get out of here, because this place is a black hole of nightmares. That being said, I didn't expect to make so many wonderful friends these past seven years. I've learned a lot about myself and have overcome a lot of emotional obstacles.

What the hell, bring on the big city!

This chapter is ending, but a new story is already brewing. I'm going to murder an Epic Burger.

I went back to Starbucks back in August, but at a different store with a better manager. I've set up to transfer to a Starbucks in Chicago and I just hope that my financial situation remains stable.

That's it for the moment. Today I worked from 6-almost 2 and then I watched some of Buffy season five with a friend from work, Kaylyn. I'm getting a lot of people addicted to the genius that is Whedon, and it's amazing.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

let's not make it harder than it has to be

Okay, so can I talk spoilers?



Spoilers AHOY!

Don't read if you don't want mother fucking spoilers!

I'm so sick of everyone on Facebook whining about spoilers - let's go!

Joffery is dead. YES. I KNOW. I already knew! I'm so glad that the rest of the world gets to know too! Honestly, saying that Joffery died is not that big of a spoiler because it was inevitable, right? THIS was always going to happen. When I picked up the books I was like, I can't wait until I read the part where Joffery dies BECAUSE IT HAD TO HAPPEN.

I finished the series a few months ago. I can't wait to see some very cool things take place. They include (I'm being elusive!) Lysa, A Lady of .... Stone, and some trouble on the wall.

Man, this is worse than when I read Harry Potter. A  LOT of people read Harry Potter. I could openly talk about Harry Potter all over the place. NO ONE reads ASOIAF. Assholes.

I mean. I could join a forum, I did join this random spoilers welcome thing on Facebook but... it's a little annoying sometimes. Especially people getting on there every other minute saying "who killed Joffery?" and the grammar/spelling! Blech.



Boys Chase Girls - Ingrid Michaelson

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

I want to change the world, instead I sleep

New Year, New you. Right?

I have decided to make my New Years resolutions. First is pay off my car before next year. It's a five year loan, so technically it should be paid off in July of 2016. I currently don't have a payment due until May, so I'm off to a good start!

Second, Finish all of my general studies at community college. I only have FIVE more classes left! I'm taking two this semester and three in the fall. (I work full-time currently and I live about an hour from my school, so I can't really handle four classes a semester.)

So this time next year I will be done with community college, done with car loans, and getting all of the paper work ready to return to Columbia College Chicago for the fall 2015 semester. Down yonder where I come from, getting out is very hard. I will get out. I will write for television. It's going to be awesome.

Still reading A Feast For Crows, and I'm really confused about where the fuck (SPOILERS!!!) Theon is. Because he was totally in the third season, we all saw him. Being tortured, but still he was there! He hasn't been in the book at all, only mentioned to be presumed dead. I'm assuming he'll jump out at some point... I'm more interested after realizing that he's Alfie Allen (Anyone who's heard Lily Allen's song "Alfie"?).

I guess I should talk about it, since everyone in the United States is talking about it. It's fucking freezing! Our pipes froze the other day and I spent my entire day off from work with NO WATER. So I sit down to read AFFC and what is the first line of the chapter? About how water in Dorne is as precious as gold. Fuck me. Water's working, but the washing machine doesn't seem to want to run cold water. Grr. Arg.

Keep Breathing - Ingrid Michaelson

Saturday, January 4, 2014

dark twist and fantasy turned to reality

There's a storm a comin'. At least, that's what the weather channel is promising. I swear, reading the severe weather alert was like reading a fantasy novel "TEMPERATURES AT EPIC LOWS." It said that the last time it was this cold 'round there here parts, was February 1996. Which made my eyes bug out of my head as I thought "winter is coming...." in my head. (Game of Thrones was released in 1996.) YES I am a total dork, I really don't care.

School starts next week - yikes! I don't know if I'm ready for doing things, I barely have noticed that I'm doing less. I guess since I'm working more to make up for the shitty hours during the school year. Has anyone noticed how television shows pick up only when school is in session? It's like they want me not do my homework. SOMEDAY television will be my homework and I will be so happy.

Seriously though, another year and a half right? I'll be packing my bags and heading back up to Chicago to finish my bachelor's degree in television. I get to take a history of television, writing for tv, directing, SHIT so much cool shit. I'm really hoping to have my car paid off by this time next year *cross finger*!

I wonder what it's like to have lots of money. Hmmm...

So we're going to have to wait until SEPTEMBER for a new Doctor Who episode. ): Happy Birthday to me, I guess. Too many Doctor Who countdowns last year.

I was going to go out for New Years, but my friend ended up bailing last minute and I had no motivation to desperately try and make plans. .Third year in a row with no New Years party, whoo! I went to bed by 9 and read A Storm of Swords the entire next day. AND I FINISHED IT. I'm on a Feast For Crows. HOLY FUCKING FUCK I'm so anxious. Not to mention that I have NO. ONE. to talk to about the mind blowing shit that I read, fuck my life. I tell my mom about it, even though she could care less. I'm like "OMG mom guess what happened in this book I'm reading" and she's like "talk to your friends or go online and talk to someone else about it." SHE DOESN'T UNDERSTAND. None of my friends are as far as me and the people on the internets are FURTHER than me, causing me to accidentally read a spoiler! ): ): It's a hard knock life.

Plus, I'm afraid to get to the end because then WTF will I do? Be productive? It's gonna be foreverrrrrrr until the sixth book comes out. I mean, there are so many more books in the world to read, but wahhhhh.

I'm gonna start saying things that no one will understand. It starts out slow, like the other day I made fun of a girl at work and she was all "Hey!" And I was like "'Tis a jape!" Every time someone says something dumb, I'm gonna start patronizing them by saying "oh, sweet summer child..."

Peter Baelish is a sneaky bastard.

Andddd goodnight.

Bones - MS MR

Friday, December 27, 2013

You know nothing, Jon Snow.

A warning ahead of time:

If you have not seen season three of Game of Thrones or the 2013 Doctor Who Christmas special, continue at your own risk. SPOILERS.

So I first need to mention that I am currently reading A Storm of Swords (Book three in A Song of Ice and Fire and 73% finished according to my kindle). I AM SO HAPPY. I won't say why, just in case you haven't read it, but I AM SO HAPPY. Cautiously happy, of course, because George RR Martin has taught me that no one is safe, but damn it! Season four is going to be so badass! BRING IT ON. I will admit that reading the death of Catelyn and Rob Stark was pretty heartbreaking. No more chapters titled Catelyn ): The worst part is the fact that she believed all but one of her children to be dead, and her only living child wed to a man that she loathes (even though I fucking love him!). I don't think that I fully thought about Bran, Rickon, and Arya being believed dead when I watched it on television.

Remember that silent roll of the credits? So very fitting.

I'm interested, because so far in the book, Theon has barely even been mentioned, so I'm not much closer to knowing his final fate. I am SO unhappy how Reek/Bolton's Bastard/Ramsay Snow was not in the second season. The burning of Winterfell was so much more gruesome in the books. After I finished the chapters, I just had this "Whoa" moment. I mostly read it right before bed, which definitely makes for some interesting dreams...

SO. Let's reflect on the Doctor Who Christmas special. Matt Smith's last episode (currently, because we could have another reunion!) was heartbreaking. I didn't get to watch it when it premiered because Christmas Day was day six of my seven day stretch, and I knew that I could not emotionally handle seeing that. Not to mention that it wasn't on until eight pm, and I had to be at work at 5:30 the next morning.

I was exhausted yesterday (Thursday the 26th) and promptly passed out when I got off of work. Several hours later.... I dragged myself out of bed and sat myself down in the living room - preparing myself for an emotional roller coaster. Totally forgot to grab a box of tissues before I began.

It was lovely. So many loose ends were tied together, and Matt's performance was absolutely beautiful. I began sobbing by the time Clara read him the poem until the very end. Felt a little awkward when my mother was in the other room, moving things around the kitchen while I was shamelessly sobbing into my blanket. I wondered how she felt about her twenty-five year old daughter sobbing over a fictional character on a long-running science fiction show about an alien who basically lives forever. Or if she thought about anything at all....

Amelia Pond, the first face this face ever saw, really just added the cherry on top of my perfectly heartbroken sundae.

Can't wait to see what this new Doctor brings!

Watching Game of Thrones.

Friday, November 29, 2013

you get me every time.

Well, I'm not doing a very good job at keeping the worldwide web informed of my goings on, am I? Today is known as the infamous Black Friday, and while Starbucks is not doing all of that crazy door buster nonsense, we were very busy this morning. I went home feeling like I had a layer of milk and syrup on my skin, and a little "Bah humbug!" in my heart.

I did partake slightly in these "AMAZING" deals and bought a laptop on and also bought the fifth Song of Ice and Fire series for $2.99 on my Kindle! Hell yeah. I'm pretty excited for this laptop, maybe I'll spend more time on the actual computer than that little communication device that makes my hand cramp called a phone. I usually just use my phone to play Bejweled while I veg out in front of the television.

So! What's new on the television? Well, I don't see why I can't just be like "hey, I write real good - let me have my own show" to some of these networks. Notches will be stronger than some of this junk out right now. And don't get me wrong, because I LOVE Grey's Anatomy, but this show is really starting to go out with a very slow drawn out fizzle. Which makes me sad, because there was a time when Meredith and Izze and gang could bring me to SOBS. Not tears, SOBS.

Doctor Who's 50th anniversary was last weekend! I cannot wait for Capaldi, because he will be a fierce Doctor. John Hurt's "Am I having a midlife crisis?" was all too perfect in the anniversary special. While I will be very sad to see our beloved Matt Smith depart on Christmas day, I think that I'm ready. I might eat these words next month. ):

American Horror Story is probably my favorite show that is currently playing every week. I just hate that I can't eat when I watch it due to the disgusting...ness. I really love the Kathy Bates and Gabourey Sidibe addition, it's definitely better than Asylum. HOWEVER, the definite lack of Evan Peters (especially his talking) is getting me down. He's been one of my favorite characters in past seasons (after Jessica Lange, obviously).

SO. There's Shameless to look forward to in another month and a half, SQUEE. The way last season ended... so many cliffhangers! I already know *SPOILER ALERT* that Justin Chatwin will not be returning this year. Which I'm actually fine with, since last season his character had become pretty weak and whiny.

After that, there's the return of GAME OF THRONES. Okay. Okay. So. I've been reading the books, I'm just a little ways into A Storm of Swords. SO GREAT. I'm surprised by how close the show has followed the book, but there's just enough balance of differences to keep it interesting. Tyrion is obviously a BAMF and Danaerys is brilliant. Also Arya. Top three characters. STILL waiting for the little shit to lose his bitchy blonde head.

Also, Orphan Black! SO good. Man, to get to work on that set would be some kind of wild dream come true. All of the behind the scenes bits that I've seen are so interesting, I just want to know more. By the time each episode had finished, I had to remind myself "That's the SAME actress." Funny thing, I let one of my managers borrow the first season and her husband was like "This is really good... Amanda gave you this? I thought she liked Science Fiction..." DOH.

School is about to come to a close for the semester. I still have three biology exams, my final paper in English, and some kind of English exam. (Yeah, I only take two classes because getting up at 3 AM to work at a coffee shop is punishment enough.) I am, however, getting very close to finishing my Gen Eds. I'm planning on getting back to Columbia fall of 2015... If I'm lucky and can get my car paid off AND get a loan consolidation for the debt I already owe to Columbia. I HAVE the passion, I just need the moneys. ):

Thinking up new scenes for Notches on my way to work in the dark has become quite a hobby.


Goodnight and Go - Imogen Heap

Friday, September 14, 2012

I don't know who I am without you

So my last post was a while ago, and it was definitely a depressing one. Things have been pretty normal around here. I quit Target. Not some dramatic, throw my nametag on the ground and shout "I quit mother fuckers!" or anything like that, I put in my two weeks notice and took my leave. I got a job at Starbucks. Ohh yeah, who's gained six pounds in the past two months?

Speaking of that, I did lose fifteen pounds recently! And yeah, gained some back, but I'm back on track. I'm not really on a diet, I'm just trying to change the way I eat and exercise more. But imagine how tempting it is when you can have any drinks at Starbucks FO FREE every day?

I'll have to do a longer update, I'm getting ready for my math class and thought I'd pop in and update the internet world (which is nobody, really haha) on my happenings. Hello, whoever might happen upon this blog! Leave a  comment, they're COOL!

Where I Stood - Missy Higgins